Saturday, February 20, 2010

Pictures Of Viral Throat Infections Why Does My Throat Hurt So Bad If It's Not Strep Throat?

Why does my throat hurt so bad if it's not strep throat? - pictures of viral throat infections

I work in an airport, so that they are in contact with many people. Since about May, when I started, I had a sore throat, twice (by the rapid test confirmed in both cases). It took 10 days of antibiotics and those who left.

I had Herpangina (sore throat in the majority of children again) - for which he is not drugs, because they could not and viruses do nothing but give me a mouthwash lidocaine. I somehow lost most of my voice for about 4 days with him. ...

It is a rather vague idea. The mouth is a very difficult place to shoot. While the muscles on both sides of the gorge, where it appears "red" in the picture, it is actually white, oblong pCATCH seems almost as cold extra long. This set of muscles on both sides of the neck. I made a quick test yesterday - negative. I'm expecting a call today for a throat culture was sent to the lab yesterday, to be sure. These are exactly the same wounds long white were the two previous occasions, when he tested positive for STREP by rapid tests.

If STREP ... What is it? I have a cough or cold, but they felt kind of vacuum energy. They wanted to test for mono ... I do not know, and kissing people I have anything directly to my face.


  1. It is possible that the sample was not sufficiently rapid strep and culture, the streptococci are still sensitive to reflect a positive.
    I worked in an urgent care center and saw this happen a few times. When the culture is negative, then I'm the monkey trial. You can always take place even if not Kiss. It may be in the air, as if someone coughs or sneezes around.

  2. almost never tested pos test, but I'm terrible. Some strains just do not react with the test.

    could also have another infection, or mono (even if you kiss people as we can get almost any contact with people when you have a bathroom in your immune system)

    could also be a sinus problem or almonds

  3. Go see a doc. Not remove. Was around 6 years old, died of swine flu after complaining of neck pain. Better safe than sorry!

  4. Infectious Diseases TodayFebruary 22, 2010 at 5:51 AM

    The most common cause of viral pharyngitis, Epstein-Barr (mono)